What is Balayage? Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Color Trend

It’s official. 2018 has been the year of the balayage. (We’re projecting to be 2019 to be as well). This beauty buzzword has been the only hair trend that our favorite influencers have endorsed for quite some time. Whether you’re new to trend or maybe have a whole Pinterest inspiration board devoted to the beauty look. Here’s everything you need to know about Bayalage hair.


Yes, believe it or not, this oh-so millennial trend is totally retro. Like all great fashion trends, the highlighting technique was developed in Paris during the 70s as an alternative to old school hair cap coloring. During a balayage treatment, highlights are applied starting at the midshaft to the ends using a sweeping motion. The end result is a highly dimensional gradient look that mimics the effect of a sunkissed glow (perfect for South Florida right?!). For a complete history lesson on the how the trend evolved over time and caught the eye of today’s top beauty influencers take look at Modern Salon’s story for more!


That’s right, this trend is all about ditching the conventional foils. The balayage look is created by sectioning off the hair in small triangular sections and sweeping the color between them. So cool right!? Because of Its freehand technique, no one balayage is alike. No wonder it’s become such a sought-after style from our favorite beauty gurus. Each balayage look has its own set of intricacies and dimensions that’s fit just for your hair! If you want to see this trend in action, check out celebrity stylists Guy Tang’s behind-the-scenes look at his impressive balayage technique.


Unlike ombre styles that are a starker transition from darker tones to lighter tones, balayage looks are a bit more customized. This highlighting technique gives stylists a bit more freedom than other conventional methods. Balayage looks can be totally natural with subtle tones of blonde or can be fit to feature some of today’s more fun color trends like unicorn and rose gold. If you’re still trying to decide about what look to ask your stylist’s for, make sure to get a glimpse of the Trend Spotter’s list of the hottest balayage color ideas! .


Thick, thin, curly, wavy, or pin straight. Balayage color techniques can be applied to enhance everyone’s unique hair and color needs. It’s the most personalized color trend ever, and there’s no hair type that the trend doesn’t work well on. (Did we mention that it looks super amazing on hair extensions too!).


Glam and effortless, are the essence of balayage! Because it’s applied to the mid-shaft to the ends, balayage color grows with your natural hair. The style lends itself to minimal touchups which also means minimal hair damage over time. We think balayage is the perfect style to start with if you’re just getting into hair color or if you’re looking for a good lazy girl hairstyling hack.

Ready to take your hair from bland to balayage with a little color. Make sure to schedule your appointment with one of our master stylists and bring all your balayage color dreams to life!

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