3 Myths About Hair Extensions

3 Myths About Hair Extensions

We get! We’ve all heard the phrase long hair don’t care about a million times by now on our Instagram feed, and personally we get can’t agree more! There’s nothing like the confidence that thick, luxurious, and long (and we mean LONG!) hair can bring you. It’s unmatchable. Hair extensions is one of the best beauty investments that you can make. If you’re on the fence about having a set applied, don’t worry. We’re debunking any beauty myth that you might make your decision a bit easier. Here are 3 things that you need to know about hair extension before you set up your next appointment.


We all know there’s no better style mermaid-inspired fishtail braids a mile long! Some of our favorite extensions, like our Executive Hair brand care available in styles up to 28 inches - that’s waist length! We want to help our beauty-savvy clients achieve their favorite social media hairstyles, and we know there’s no better way than with long strong hair. Needing style inspiration? We’re totally loving this Glamour’s list of the best Hollywood hair extension styles.


Hair extensions can be customarily applied to match your hair health. There are a number of different installation methods including, tape in extensions, sew in extensions, fusion, and micro linked extensions.

Lately, some of our favorite beauty gurus have been raving about the tape-in method of extensions. Tape in pieces have gained popularity for their undetectable lightweight wear that reduces irritation to the root and scalp. If you’re wanting to learn more about this buzzed about method, check out video below to learn the pros and cons of tape-in hair extensions.

If you’re interested in microbonding or fusing your extensions for a long-term look, to prevent damage overtime, it’s important that your hair extensions get refitted to match your hair’s natural growth. Make sure to ask your stylist about when to set up your stylists to learn when to set up your next appointment.


Lucky for you, if you’ve got the right stylist ( and we highly recommend our talented team at EHA), they’ll know how to expertly apply, blend, and color match your extensions. Each strand is expertly placed to ensure that it looks totally seamless and natural. When picking your hair extensions, it’s best to invest in human hair because it’s easy to style and is customized to match your hair’s texture and glow.

Ready to glam up your look with hair extensions. Book your appointment to day to set up your free consultation with one of our master stylists. Our Executive Hair Addition staff are recognized as the best in the South Beach area, and we have loyal clients that visit us from all over the region. We can’t wait to bring your dream look to life and have you feeling more beautiful than ever!

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